Remote weather sensing — geek style

So: A family member sort of mentioned a desire to monitor the weather a at undisclosed secure location some 100+km from where he lives…

Several manufacturers offer solutions to this, but they are either 1) expensive, 2) unelegant or 3) both. And the geek-factor in choosing that route is very low…

Since I was a wee kid I’ve always had a certain affinity for electronics, but in the later years everything has become so complicated with all this integrated circuits stuff, multilayer PCB’s and computers and such… Not easy for a simple CS graduate to deal with…?

Actually yes! What a perfect opportunity to buy some Arduino gear! Long since I had bookmarked the Arduino Weather Station project homepage and now figured that would be an excellent starting point.

So into the shopping basket went:

Time for a quick timeout here perhaps… What can I contribute to the Arduino weather scene that Jonathan and Hugh hasn’t already? Good question – it is certainly not on the electronics side! However, being a CS type geek, I figured I could improve on the software development and architecture side – and thus I invite you to visit me on GitHub to have a look-see 🙂


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