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Messing with chinese spammers

When you see this in /var/log/mail.log, you know the chinese are out to get you: Aug 10 14:15:05 manstein postfix/smtpd[7858]: connect from[] Aug 10 14:15:08 manstein postfix/smtpd[7858]: warning:[]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure Aug 10 14:15:08 manstein postfix/smtpd[7858]: lost … Continue reading

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Static fixed and wifi IPs on Raspberry Pi

When coding to and configuring ones Raspberry Pi, it is convenient to have it on a wired connection, but when it is being deployed in the field, it is much easier to have it on wifi. Still, it can be … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Get IPv6 in your home

Since IPv6 Day when I registered for a SixXS handle, I’ve wanted to jump on the IPv6 wagon at home. My setup is a DSL line with Telenor as my ISP. Almost needless to say, Telenor does not do native … Continue reading

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